New Bat Guidelines for 2018

Important Update

UpdatedMonday November 13, 2017 byDave Shuster.





New Bat Guidelines for 2018 Cal Ripken Season



Approved Bats Under the New Guidelines


In order to maintain the integrity of youth baseball, the USABat Standard will create wood-like performance in youth bats while allowing younger players to use light-weight bats that could not be achieved with wood bats.

Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League (which Nether Swarthmore Baseball is a part of) will be affected by the USABat rule change.

What bats are approved for Cal Riken Play?

USA Baseball will allow the use of 2 5/8” inch big barrel bats for all ages. 

All bats with the USA Baseball logo, pictured above, are approved for use in Cal Ripken play.


If you are uncertain about your current bat being legal, please check the BBCOR/BPF label.  If it says 1.15, it is NOT LEGAL and cannot be used in 2018.

BBCOR bats will not be permitted.